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[IPk] ****ing glucometers

I use a glucometer 4 (Bayer) which I know is an older model but I seem to
get on fine with it
A couple of weeks ago I decided it would be a good idea to have a spare
meter so I bought an optium( the new one from medisense which does blood
ketones as well)

BG measurements have been persistantly higher with the new meter compared
with the old (  by 2-4 mmol ie 5.6 as opposed to 3.2 or 12.8 vs 8.1)

I had the old meter checked at the hospital with control solution . It
appears that it is accurate and in fact was reading at the higher end of the
correct range.

I rang medisense today- they are going to send me a kind of check paddle but
it is necessary to read the control range off of the actual box in which
strips come and I only had 10 strips , not an actual box  with the starter

I'm annoyed- this means I have to ask for a prescription for strips which I
may not use as I'm not sure I can trust them

Also, the normal spiel about different meters reading differently and newer
technology in the newer machine. Yes, I accept that there can be a 10 to 20
% error, but it seems that we are just being fobbed off once again, as
diabetics. For all of us who are trying to aim for precise control, how can
we be sure we are achieving targets, and how can we be sure we are "legal"
to drive. (I only usually get hypo warnings at around 3mmol with the old
meter if the new machine is inaccurate i could assume BG is around 5.5 when
it is around 3.5)
Or, am I reading too low and treating phantom "hypos" / accepting high BGs
as normal

I've compared the the old visual BM sticks and think I trust the old machine
more. Also the strips it uses change colour at the back and I can tell
whether BG is at either extreme and would have some idea if meter was really
malfunctioning. I find it hard to let go and trust a machine entirely

Typical example of patronising attitudes towards people with DM being told
bg really isn't that important- forget results of DCCT, and fitness to drive

I've had my rant......
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