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Re: [IPk] Putting my case forward.

>Other point
was "the pump certainly isn't a problem solving device".

Well, I don't know if I agree with that.  My pump has stabilised my
overnight blood sugars, which were becoming harder to maintain on
injections.  I fiddled a fair bit with my injections regime to try and
problem solve, and it didn't really work. Waking at 3am to test, inject or
eat seemed to help the problem, but generated more problems - exhaustion!
The pump helps the problem, and doesn't generate more problems.  It's a
better solution.

And he's looking at it wrong, anyway. No machine is a problem solving
device, unless you're talking specifically about a computer and a maths
problem. They're tools that we use to solve our problems - and when those
tools don't work anymore, or prove too blunt or ineffective, we improve
them, fix them, or replace them.

Perhaps, after 17 years, your tools need to be replaced?

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