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Re: [IPk]problems with infusion sets and sites New infusion sites - High BG's

I have only been pumping again since november and the pump is really
suiting me. It is wonderful to feel in control again My consultant even
said it was the first time he had seen me smile in ages!!my results have
gone from being 20% within target to 49^ in a few weeks.

 .When I first got my pump on a free teial I assumed that the infusion
sets would be on free trial I was using a lot more insukin ie some days
more than 115 units so was getting through the sets much quicker The
needles sometimes bent because I was inserting them incorrectly (I was
tryung the pump with saline then without prior instruction) and sometimes
they fell out so I used the sets quicker I was also advised to change the
sets every 48 hrs but now try to leave them in longer as they are not
cheap, I therefore used up my quota and had to start paying within the

Are there sets that can be inserted deeper than the silhoette? I wonder
if a metal needle would be better as they might be longer and suit people
like me with a large amount of abdominal adipose tissue.I have found
already that my sites are limited and have had the odd day with
persistently high readings resulting in ketosis. It is a shame that you
have to buy a whole box of sets to find the one most suitable.  Do either
of the distributors supply samples?  I tried my leg but that was hopeless
I am getting better at judging the sites now and not wasting so many sets

>From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: Re:
[IPk] New infusion sites - High BG's >Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 11:13:34
+0000 > >On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, you wrote: > >A few times when I have
changed my infusion set I have suddenly (within 3 > >hrs) experienced
very high BG's - have given extra boluses and then after > >about 5-6
hours my BG's have got back to normal - and been fine from then > >on. I
always check tubing, site etc at the time. What I am wondering is if >
>this is typical of an area with poor absorption? > >Hi Audrey >I get
exactly the same thing sometimes. They recommend that when you >insdert a
new site, you do it just before you're going to be taking a fair >size
bolus, e.g. a meal, to avoid this problem. Not sure if it works or not
>though - of course I don't follow sensible advice like that! > > >I just
realised the other day how lazy I am with sites - there is an area on >
>my abdomen which I have used for years (at least 3 times a day on MDI) -
and > >seem to be still using that area (about the size of a postcard)
with my > >pump. > >I think everyone has favourite sites which they use
even though they know >they shouldn't. Mine have changed from MDI - now I
just have new favourite >sites. But I've never had a problem with that. >
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