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[IPk] Infusion sites and High BG's

	Dear All

	Lot's of good suggestions to try out!  It is amazing how your mind
filters out information - I now remember at pump training being told to
change sites before a meal bolus - but had obviously immediately chosen to
forget!  I do prime my 1 unit, but from now on am going to change pre-meal
and see what happens.

	On a vaguely related topic, I have written to the Editor of Balance
with a proposal to write a "diary of a pumper" - my argument being that
diabetics need to be better informed about all therapy options available,
and not that I am trying to "sell pump therapy".  I am look forward to
hearing what response I get - hopefully positive!  In my letter I did
mention that I used Insulin-Pumpers.org as a source of information!  What
really spurred me on was an article in the paper about continuous loop pumps
and the interviewee (diabetic) said that the insulin pumps available at
present were as big a Walkmans (old style not mini-disc!) and were not
effective!  As she was speaking as a diabetic, I found that scary.

	Will keep you posted!

	Audrey Sheal
	IDDM 20 yrs+, Minimed pumper 3 months +

> Hi Audrey,
> I agree with everything that has been said so far.
> When do you change your sets? I discovered that if I changed after a meal
> bolus, I had a similar problem and I wondered why. Then I noticed that
> when
> I removed the old set, there was a leakage of insulin from the site. This
> was obviously insulin I had bolused for and was not getting! Hence the
> high
> BG.
> I changed my habits and now only change sets at least 3 hours after a
> meal.
> Preferably just before one. It seemed to be the answer, as I no longer get
> the problem.
> This worked for me.
> Regards,
> John Davis.
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