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Re: [IPk] New infusion sites - High BG's

>I changed my habits and now only change sets at least 3 hours after a meal.
>Preferably just before one. It seemed to be the answer, as I no longer get
>the problem.

Whenever you pull out an infusion set, you leave a small hole in the flesh
and any unabsorbed insulin can seep out. So changing a set soon after a big
bolus means you may lose some of that insulin. Also, since your infusion
site will be "old" (that's why you're changing it) the absorbtion *may*
have slowed down, so there could be some basal waiting to be absorbed which
then leaks out. One trick some people use is to leave the old set in place
for another hour or two after they have put the new set in. That way no
insulin leaks out. But you mustn't leave it in too long.

I don't know why, but what works for me is too bolus an extra unit when I
change a set. That's in addition to the 1 unit that you must bolus to fill
the gap left taking out the needle in a Silhouette or Tender. (It's
actually 0.75 units - but we won't argue :-) The extra unit just seems to
get things going again.


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