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[IPk] New infusion sites - High BG's

A few times when I have changed my infusion set I have suddenly (within 3
hrs) experienced very high BG's - have given extra boluses and then after
about 5-6 hours my BG's have got back to normal - and been fine from then
on.  I always check tubing, site etc at the time.  What I am wondering is if
this is typical of an area with poor absorption?  

I just realised the other day how lazy I am with sites - there is an area on
my abdomen which I have used for years (at least 3 times a day on MDI) - and
seem to be still using that area (about the size of a postcard) with my

Would be grateful to hear of anyone else's experiences?

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 20 years +, Minimed pumper 3 months +

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