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Re: [IPk] clinic comedy of errors - again!

I sent this email yesterday, but it seems to have "vanished", so I'm
sending it again... If the original shows up as well, please ignore it :-)

>While I was putting the new line on the reservoir and priming it, my new
>infusion set very kindly filled with blood. So I had to do it all again.
>While I was being an efficient, trouble shooting pumper, Least Favourite
>pounced once again (now that my head was out of my book) to talk at me.

This is bit of problem: every time you change an infusion set there is a
very small chance it will go wrong, either bleeding or the needle going in
but canula gathering along the needle and not going in. It's happened to me
occasionally. You have to take whole thing out, chuck it away and start
again. So how many "spare" infusion sets should you take with you when you
go to work or go out for the day? Two? I always have just one spare one
tucked away in the bottom of my bag. But I also tend to leave a spare one
lying around in a desk drawer "just in case".


PS Sorry to hear about the Californian power problems, Michael! Funny thing
is I've been reading about this impending crisis for about 12 months, yet
the Californian politicians have not found it in their best interests to
avert it... Curious things politicians aren't they?

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