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Re: [IPk] clinic comedy of errors - again!

>Di, you've just made yourseld sound terribly unhygenic! I will take the
>opportunity to tell everyone on the list that hasn't yet met you that you
>are in no way as bad as you make yourself sound! I had a great aunt that
>would hang teabags on the clothesline for reuse. I wonder what she did if
>they got rained on?

Yes, I'm probably not very hygienic, but it works for me. I'm a bit fan of
the "creating resistance to bugs" approach rather than just killing them
off. But you're right, Elizabeth, I wasn't recommending it for everyone. I
too started off by swabbing the site beforehand and that kind of thing. But
I think it's a bit like the "you have to clean your injection site with
alcohol first" - and even swab your finger with alcohol before you do a
blood test. 20 years ago people would look at you in horror if you didn't
prepare everything meticulously - now most of the medical profession agree
it's fine not to bother and to inject through your clothes. Of course,
there's a difference between testing or injecting for several seconds at
most, and sticking an insertion set under your skin for several days, but
not much.

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