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Re: [IPk] clinic comedy of errors - again!

> But then I'm
the sort of person who doesn't bother washing fruit and veg (even potatoes)
let alone peeling them before I eat them. My mum's the sort of person who
takes used teabags out of the dustbin and reuses them, so I guess it's
inherited (I only do that in an emergency!).

Di, you've just made yourseld sound terribly unhygenic! I will take the
opportunity to tell everyone on the list that hasn't yet met you that you
are in no way as bad as you make yourself sound! I had a great aunt that
would hang teabags on the clothesline for reuse. I wonder what she did if
they got rained on?

I'll point out for newbies that pump hygiene, like so much else to do with
diabetes, is very much an individual affair. I started off following
guidelines to the letter, and then, as I got more confident, began ignoring
them bit by bit. Still no trouble so far. But some people are prone to
infections, so it's always best to err on the side of caution, I think, and
learn your own limitations. I do know of one person who got so many
infections on the pump that she had to stop using it, but she also had a
huge number of other health issues that probably contributed to the
infections.  She was, very definitely, an exception to the rule amongst


p.s. And the Mater is a very run-down, not particularly clean looking
hospital. I was very uncomfortable having to change a set there. Think big,
old, dole office, and you've an accurate image of the Mater outpatients
waiting area.
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