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Re: [IPk] clinic comedy of errors - again!

>oh. I hit the little bit of metal that the insulin comes out of. My hands
>certainly weren't aseptic, so I had to change the line so I wasn't infusing
>insulin plus whatever bacteria happened to be on my fingers at the time. I
>mayn't always wash my hands before changing a set, but if I touch or cough
>on that metal bit that infuses the insulin, I change the line.

Oh gosh - that's very hygienic of you. 
I have to put my finger on the end of the metal bit when I prime, as its's
the only way (well, the easiest way) to tell when the insulin's coming out.
I don't clean the site first, and I don't worry if I touch any part of
it, or even if I drop it on the floor, unless it's a particularly dirty
floor. And I've never had any kind of infection as a result. But then I'm
the sort of person who doesn't bother washing fruit and veg (even potatoes)
let alone peeling them before I eat them. My mum's the sort of person who
takes used teabags out of the dustbin and reuses them, so I guess it's
inherited (I only do that in an emergency!). Obviously if you're prone to
infection, you should take more precautions than I do though.

>I had great luck recently with a site just above my hip bone, which lasted
>ages. The one that gave me problems today was below my hip, more on my leg,
>really. I shall be avoiding it in future. 

Ah, I don't trust those ones much. But i can't usually get a set in there
in any case - there's too much bone and muscle and not enough fat. And I
don't like sites in bits of me that bend, if you see what I mean.
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