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Re: [IPk] clinic comedy of errors - again!

.. I checked my line, which was
>fine, and when I took out the set, the end of it was all crumbled and bent
>at a 90 degree angle. I inserted a new set in my left abdomen, and then
>unhooked my line from the old set (again) and knocked my finger off it.
>While I was putting the new line on the reservoir and priming it, my new
>infusion set very kindly filled with blood. So I had to do it all again.
>While I was being an efficient, trouble shooting pumper, Least Favourite
>pounced once again (now that my head was out of my book) to talk at me.

Never a dull moment with you, is there? :-)
but I don't understand what you meant about knocking your finger off the
line/set and why you needed to change the tubing?

I quite like using my hip as a site, but I do find it more prone to
problems with absorption and mangling of the cannula. 905 of the time it's
fine though. I had a lot more problems with hip and upper abdomen 
when I used Sofsets, because you can't stop the insertion half way through
(unless you do it without the Sofserter, which you have to be really brave
to do - I've done it a couple of times) as you can with a Silhouette or
anything else.
Glad all resolved itself in the end anyway. I don't usually carry more than
one spare, so I never take out the old one until I'm completely happy with
the new one.
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