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[IPk] clinic comedy of errors - again!

Yes, indeed, it was, but this time it _wasn't_ the fault of the staff!
Indeed, the doctor I saw today seemed able to appreciate my
handy-at-a-glance paperwork (5 day BG results, details of current basal
rates and carb ratio, weekly BG stats, summary of current issues in my

No, today's comedy of errors began when I was accosted, indeed ambushed, at
the registration desk by a person who I can only describe as my Least
Favourite Transsexual in the World. Who talks. A lot. Particularly about
her myriad conditions. I shall leave the rest to your imagination. I
suppose it's no worse than my list of run-in-to-able people at my previous
clinic, where I may have met Pump-using Former  Housemate Who Never
Bothered to Mention I Had All the Symptoms of Uncontrolled Diabetes. Ah
yes, Dublin lives up to its small reputation once again.

The other bit of fun was my BG when I arrived at the clinic - 10.8. Now, I
had had brekkie only an hour beforehand, but it was my standard brekkie and
10.8 was a fairly unreasonable BG for it, even an hour afterwards. I gave
myself a .5 bolus, went and sat and waited to be called for the doctor, and
my head just got woozier and woozier, so finally, about 40 minutes later, I
tested again - 11.8. Ah ha! Something with my infusion set, which was in my
left hip, as a new experiment, since Saturday. I checked my line, which was
fine, and when I took out the set, the end of it was all crumbled and bent
at a 90 degree angle. I inserted a new set in my left abdomen, and then
unhooked my line from the old set (again) and knocked my finger off it.
While I was putting the new line on the reservoir and priming it, my new
infusion set very kindly filled with blood. So I had to do it all again.
While I was being an efficient, trouble shooting pumper, Least Favourite
pounced once again (now that my head was out of my book) to talk at me.

After all that, the doctor was a sheet joy. Yer man seemed fairly okay: he
ordered a microalbumin test for m y next visit, asked me if I was planning
to start a family because he saw I was using humalog ( no one else had
asked me that before), etc. He must also had some experience with pumps, or
at least education, because basal rates didn't confuse him. Progress!

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