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Re: [IPk] Re: hypos, fast and slow

>According to this
>paper, hypo awareness was said to return to whatever is 'normal' for
>the person, gradually, returning to 'normal' only typically after about
>48 hours after the previous hypo.  Might this also explain some of the
>differences which others have been describing?  It would also seem to
>me to imply that if you sleep through hypos, your hypo awareness might
>be regularly lowered without you knowing the reason.

I've read similar things. It is estimated (see Diabetes Clinical
Management: Tattersal and Gale) that every single night, 1 in 5 people with
Type 1 diabetes will go hypo. It may be different people on different
nights. And most won't realise it, but sleep straight through. That is how
hypo unawareness starts, and gets perpetuated...

Some clinics put people on an absolutely-no-hypos regime for one month to
try and kick the hypo unawareness problem. Trouble is that usually this can
only be achieved by running much higher bg's than you would typically want,
which in turn may lead to complications. It appears that on injections, it
is almost impossible to achieve nearly-normal bg's and no hypos at all -
not even the secret night-time ones - while at the same time living a life.

I've found that on a pump I can lead a nearly-normal life, with
nearly-normal bg's and not have severe hypo problems. Seems to work for me.
But I do find that after a moderate hypo, my diabetes can take on a life of
its own for 24 hours. That's the tough beast which diabetes is for the time
being :o(


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