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[IPk] Reply to my profile- Victoria Edrich --- Quite long

Dear Vickie

Thank you very much for your reply, also thanks to John Davis who also
contacted me.  I have sent for and received info packs from MiniMed and
Disetronic.  John Davis was very helpful and has given me some phone numbers
of other parents whose children are using pumps. Sasha blood sugars are
quite good her last HbA1C  was 7.2 but to keep at this sort of level she
does get a lot of lows. She has had three bad hypos where she had
convulsions, this was at night. In the day she always seems to recognise
when she is low although some times when its quite high she thinks she is
low.  I still find the insulin she's on very unpredictable it is very hard
to keep her sugars in range without it going low.  We have to test a least
five times a day and sometimes it's more and lately in the night quite
often. Sometimes she will go to bed and her BG is 10 or 11 and it will come
right down to 3.5 or 4 others times it can go up or stay the same.
I think we will meet resistance from our diabetes team as her Bg are
acceptable. Sasha thinks the worse thing about DM is the hypos, she doesn't
seem to mind the injections so much or the finger pricks.  I'm just
wondering how she would cope at school, she is only 6 and I don't know if
the school would need to help or allow her to do blood tests. They do no
tests now, if she's says she's dizzy they just give her a biscuit or juice
if she looks pale and wobbly. They ring me if she seems ill.
Also in the summer she spends hours climbing in the trees outside our home
and turning upside down over the bars in the local park I was wondering how
much a pump would be in the way at her age.  I definitely think a pump is
the way to go when she is older, the freedom it gives a young teenager would
be so much better. I am concerned to get good control in these early years
as she was a very small birth weight baby only just over 2lbs( her twin
sister was twice the size)  there is medical evidence to show that low birth
weight children are much more likely than average to suffer from high blood
pressure and heart problems when they are older, so I feel that it is even
more necessary to keep as good control as possible.
I was just wondering how your sons school dealt with his DM before, did they
ever do blood tests for you?

Thanks very much for your reply it was very helpful. I hope Connor continues
with his success on his pump.

Kind Regards

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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