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[IPk] Re: hypos, fast and slow

My experience is like that of others - I have never had as deep and
gruesome hypos in 3 years on the pump as I did during the one year on
MDI - seems to me mostly because you do not have to deal with the
unpredictable release of long-acting insulins - I hated those with a
About hypos unawareness - I read an article or book chapter or
something - at this point cannot remember where - where they described
the results of experiments which showed that hypo unawareness is
greatest within the first 12-24 hours after a previous hypos.  This
ties in closely with my experience - the times when I have been very
low before becoming aware that I was hypo were almost without exception
during the first 24 hours after a previous hypo.  According to this
paper, hypo awareness was said to return to whatever is 'normal' for
the person, gradually, returning to 'normal' only typically after about
48 hours after the previous hypo.  Might this also explain some of the
differences which others have been describing?  It would also seem to
me to imply that if you sleep through hypos, your hypo awareness might
be regularly lowered without you knowing the reason.


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