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[IPk] Dawn and Symogi effects

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, you wrote:
>It's basically the dawn phenomenon and "Symogi" (sp) was the man (or woman!)
>who discovered it, I think.
>Audrey Sheal
>IDDM 20 yrs+   Minimed pumper 3mnths+

not quite, Audrey. Symogi and dawn phenomenon are 2 different things. Same
effect (high morning BG) but completely different causes. 
Here's the Noddy description :-) 
- Dawn phen is caused by naturally occurring
hormonal changes which basically elevate the BG ready to give you energy
when you wake up. Occurs in non-Dmers too.
- Symogi or rebound effect is
caused by going low in the night, and then rebounding BGs as a result. Dawn
phen can usually be solved by increasing the basal rate, Symogi by lowering
it. Of course, getting it right isn't simple, but that's the gist of it!

Here's an interesting fact for you. Over 50% of diabetes consultants refuse
to believe that the dawn phenomenon exists, in either Dmers or nonDmers. Or
at least, this was the case about 2 years ago. I still find that
incredible to believe, but my consultant did a PhD on this topic.
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