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Re: [IPk] nasty hypo/ changing basals

>I've been on a roller coaster over the past few days and have had a few high
>bgs on wakening (11 to 12 ish) and have also been hypo mid am after taking
>what I'd normally take to correct the high readings. Perhaps the early
>morning highs can be expained by being overzealous in preventng waking bgs
>below 4 ( also have a few of these on occasions) But hey this isn't supposed
>to happen on a pump- you're supposed to be able to achieve good overnight

Yes, but it doesn't happen automatically! it only happens if you get your
basals right, and nothing else interferes. It's not magic you know!
i find that my overnight BG levels are the most sensitive to external
factors such as stress, exercise etc. And my dawn syndrome does fluctuate in
both time and intensity.
I've also found that I often need less insulin to correct a high waking BG
than a high BG at other times of the day. I've never found a real
explanation for this, but it's true about 80% of the time. it's probably
connected with hormones and the dawn syndrome / Symogi effect in some
obscure and convoluted way.
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