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Re: [IPk] nasty hypo/ changing basals

>I actually wonder whether my insulin sensitivity profile might be altering
ie perhaps the dawn phenomenon is becoming a little more pronounced and I'm
becoming more sensitive around mid day.

Could very well be, Abigail. I would think. I had an apparently
unexplainable change in basal requirements back in August. I realised just
yesterday that the explanation was probably the change in exercise I had
when we moved some time in May, and I wouldn't have noticed anything until
August because I was training for the women's mini marathon. Is it
reasonable that there would have been such a slow onset to the change?
Well, possibly, because all the change happened around my period, and
that's only once a month, thankfully! That's also why it took me so long to
settle the BGs again. August to see there's a problem, September to confirm
the problem and start fiddling rates, October to do serious work on the
rates, November to confirm the rates and fine tune, December to do more
fine tuning, and January to do the final fine tune (I hope!).

It's this sort of thing that makes me think our employers should all give
us a big rise in pay, simply for being vertical and not routinely passing
out. Of course I deserve to be a team lead, or a project manager, or
whatever else is going. Don't I manage my diabetes fairly well? But how do
you put it on yoru CV???

elizabeth, rambling again - you can tell my tendonitis is much better.
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