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RE: [IPk] cures and all that jazz

      Years ago I was told by my consultant at the time they thought I
> suffered from a thing called (symogi effect)
> Has anybody heard of this symogi thing or similar?

If you have an untreated hypo (usually overnight), the liver will release
glucose into the system.  As a result, you end up waking with an elevated
blood sugar level.  This is what they refer to as the symogi effect.  Had
you woken and treated the hypo (supposing you judge it right), the blood
sugars stay on an even keel.

> Before you all say "didn't you test your blood?" thsese were days of
> Clinitest and Acetone tablets for testing urine not your fangdangled blood
> testing kits or blood tests to get your last 6 week average.

Yip - I lived back in those olden days.  I even vaguely remember having to
use a busen burner in the days prior to clinitest.

>       Last thing I would like to comment on mainly for people who
> have benn
> diabetic for say 15 yrs or more, tomorrow in the news you see they have
> found a complete cure for diabetes would you want it? and if not why not?

Good question.  On the one hand, yes I would - purely for practical reasons
since after 31 years of not looking after myself, the complications are
starting to make themselves known.  But on the other hand, not necessarily.
In a perverse way, if I was cured, I'd be just like all the rest.  Nothing
to distinguish me, nothing to make me different and one hell of a challenge
denied me.  But were a complete cure on hand, then I guess common sense
would prevail and I'd be clamouring to be first in line.

Regards, Annie.

> Best regards
> Dave
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