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Re: [IPk] nasty hypo/ changing basals

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From: "Abigail King" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 8:44 PM
Subject: [IPk] nasty hypo/ changing basals

     You are so correct when you mention every body is very different to
insulin requirements, all the time I have been diabetic we;ve tried all
types of different insulin regimes and CHO intakes etc, before I went onto
my pump Dec 99 I was having between 10 to 20 injections a day all be it very
small amounts of insulin, often also having daily highs and low bg levels.
     A lot of this was also related to an eating disorder,which i will write
about later, as I said in my very first e-mail Ive not used the net much so
I'm new to this but reading all the correspondence from all of you people I
realise I have lots of things I can contribute to this group.
     Anyway when I first went on the pump it was brilliant but I wasnt doing
much just getting use to it being attatched to me etc,  and how it responds,
well it did go well but I am still not out of the woods, my last HBc1a
levels in Dec. wer 9.6 which are abissmal but my doctor didn't lay down the
rule book and say you must do this, that, and you will get the perfect
diabetic control.
     He understands that emotions greatly affect control and my eating
patterns are not regular plus also Im on a lot of other medication but he
reminds me of the complictions I have getting progressivly worse, and we
disccuss what insulin adjustments might help.
      Years ago I was told by my consultant at the time they thought I
suffered from a thing called (symogi effect) which is apparantly japanese
and it means fluctuation of rapid highs and lows which what was happening,
my blood sugars would be high so i'd have insulin which bought the bg levels
down so rapid i thought i was going hypo so i'd take gluecose which again
would push up my levels and so on so on.
Before you all say "didn't you test your blood?" thsese were days of
Clinitest and Acetone tablets for testing urine not your fangdangled blood
testing kits or blood tests to get your last 6 week average.
Has anybody heard of this symogi thing or similar? yes us diabetics react
different to medication, stress, and everyday life, some of us cope better
than others with it, but for a vast majority it alters ther life for the
worse, thats because we are human with a life not a machine that can be
programmed to run like the book says.
      Last thing I would like to comment on mainly for people who have benn
diabetic for say 15 yrs or more, tomorrow in the news you see they have
found a complete cure for diabetes would you want it? and if not why not?

Best regards
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