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[IPk] nasty hypo/ changing basals

Isn't it dreadful that we tend  punish ourselves when we make such mistakes.
Without the worry of feeling ill and the possibility of severe consequences
from a bad hypo etc on top of this ....

I've been on a roller coaster over the past few days and have had a few high
bgs on wakening (11 to 12 ish) and have also been hypo mid am after taking
what I'd normally take to correct the high readings. Perhaps the early
morning highs can be expained by being overzealous in preventng waking bgs
below 4 ( also have a few of these on occasions) But hey this isn't supposed
to happen on a pump- you're supposed to be able to achieve good overnight
I actually wonder whether my insulin sensitivity profile might be altering
ie perhaps the dawn phenomenon is becoming a little more pronounced and I'm
becoming more sensitive around mid day. One of the booklets (disetronic)
actually recommends a flatish profile for IDDMs of longstanding duration and
when I first started on the pump my initial dose had too great a peak in
early morning and evening.Perhaps the improved control brought on by CSII
has lead to a more typical diurnal variation in insulin needs. Perhaps I'm
talking complete BS as I know that many IDDMS of longstanding duration are
prevented from achieving half reasonable control off of the pump due to
huge fluctuations in insulin sensitivity from one part of the day to the
I suppose that everyone is so individual that you could spend a whole
lifetime studting the various factors affecting BG and response to insulin
and still get practically no where. This is why I find it so frightening
when healthcare professionals think they know all the answers and tell
patients that if they do A then B will happen.
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