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Re: [IPk] nasty hypos (Mark II) and perfect diabetics

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, you wrote:
>>But then I'm not a "good diabetic". It's now 4.30pm and I haven't had
>anything to eat all day, because I didn't feel like it this morning (and
>I'd had a lot of food the night before) and I literally haven't had time
>since then to eat.
>Slap my wrists for me :-)
>But surely you've matched your insulin to your not-food (ie, not had any
>bolus), thereby keeping your BGs on an even keel - or as even as they get
>the day after a hypo like that. And that mean you're providing excellent
>control of your diabetes. 

Oh, you missed the deliberate irony!
Even half of the pro-pump consultants still don't get it that the "perfect"
diabetic is not someone who doesn't eat anything with sugar in, has meals
with the same amount of carb at the same time every day, takes their
insulin at the "correct" times and in the "correct" amounts, and so on.
"Perfect" (or even "good") should refer to the results, not to the
Not that a set of results can really be perfect either (in global terms),
although if they're completely consistent with your personal goals then i'd
class that as pretty perfect!
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