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Re: [IPk] nasty hypos (Mark II)

>Di - I wouldn't dream of telling you how to run you diabetes :-) But I
>always keep a box of glucose powder at home. In the downstairs toilet with
>a plastic cup. It's really cheap - you get it at the chemist. For me, half
>a cup of powder with hot water from the tap stops a hypo in its tracks.
>Repeat as necessary. Requires no digestion. And unlike bread and honey, it
>won't hit you six hours later! Some prefer Lucozade, but that's expensive
>and fizzy and to me it tastes of being ill! And you're liable to run out if
>you have a really big OD hypo.

Yeah yeah I know! I used to do that, but I hate the taste of glucose,e ven
in a drink, so I use sugar subes to the same effect (although they are a
bti slower than glucose).
 And normally that's what I would do. I had the
sugar first and then thought I would have the bread because I might well
continue to go low in the night, since I'd been drinking.
And then once I'd started eating the bread, I carried on.
You know sometimes when you're hypo you just *have* to have proper food? 
I know, I should just have had glucose like a "good diabetic". 
But then I'm not a "good diabetic". It's now 4.30pm and I haven't had
anything to eat all day, because I didn't feel like it this morning (and
I'd had a lot of food the night before) and I literally haven't had time
since then to eat.
Slap my wrists for me :-)
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