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[IPk] nasty hypos (Mark II)

A combination of unfortunate circumstances plus one stupid mistake on my
part resulted in one of the worst hypos I've ever had last night.

I've been organising a conference yesterday and today - very hectic rushing
around trying to make sure everything's going according to plan. Everythign
was fine until at 6pm I noticed a wire dangling from my shirt. Somehow it
had disconnected itself. No idea how long it had been disconnected for -
could have been hours or seconds. tested at 14.1, which could have been
partly getting my lunchtime bolus a bit wrong, or being disconnected for a
while. Bolused 3 units. Everything seemed fine. Had dinner, bolused as
usual, felt fine. Then we went to the pub. Although it was incredibly
noisy, at about 10.45pm I heard the alarm going off. That morning I had
checked the insulin and thought that there was plenty left to get me
through the day. obviously I'd misjudged, as it was empty. Although I had
an emergency Humalog cartridge with me, it really wasn't the best time to
refill my pump (the loos were pretty grim!), so i just left it and thought
I'd be home in hlaf an hour and would sort it then. However, it took ages
to get out of the pub, and then to walk back to the conference centre (20
mins. walk), and then walk home. I had had a few glasses of wine with the
meal, but only Diet Coke in the pub, so I was fairly sober. A colleague was
determined to then walk me home (another 10 mins). and he came in for
coffee. I really didn't want to mess around refilling the cartridge, and
then I remembered about filling the reservoir with air as a temporary
solution. Didn't bother testing, but guessed I was probably a bit high,
since I'd had no insulin for a while, but wasn't too worried. Figured I'd
test when he left. About an hour later (by this time it was around 1am) he
left, and I tested at 6.1. Great, I thought. Had a bath, then was about to
go to bed when I started feeling a little bit low. Tested and was quite
surprised to find myself at 1.7!!! This wsa only half an hour after I had
tested at 6, and I hadn't done anything in between except have a bath.
Grabbed about 6 sugar lumps and a 2 pieces of bread and honey, and thought
that would be the end of it. Half an hour later I wasn't feeling any
better, tested again. 1.6!!! 
Yikes. Now I was getting worried. And then it struck me what I'd done. When
I'd taken the cartridge out, put some air in, and reattached it to the
tubing, I'd forgotten to disconnect it at the site!!! So when I reattached
it, I must have pushed the plunger in a little. How far is anybody's guess.
By this time I was getting seriously worried. I might have taken about 20
units or more! Plus, I had had a few drinks which always pushes my Bg down,
I had walked about 2miles, and I had had a hot bath. And it was 2am! I was
also at that "give me food" stage, so I had another 4 slices of bread and
honey, and a hot drink with sugar in to try and calm me down. i was on the
point of calling a friend who lives nearby, and getting him to come over
and if necessary call an ambulance, when I started feeling a little better.
Tested again - 3.2! I have never been so glad to be as high as 3.2!!!
Finally went to bed, feeling like death, woke up at 4.30am. I figured i
would be really high by now, as I thought I must have overcompensated.
Tested at 5.0! Couldn't believe it. Went back to sleep, woke up at 7.30,
tested again, 17.9! The good old rebound presumably. or perhaps some of the
carbs were a bit late in kicking in. Needless to say, I am feeling
extremely rough this morning, having had very little sleep and a wonderful
rollercoaster. Back to my conference I go.........
next time I'll try and remember to disconnect before detaching the

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