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RE: [IPk] nasty nasty hypo

It's good to know I'm in good company.  Yes, I've had similar experiences.

And yes, I've often enough tested at 1.1 to 1.3.  Like you Elizabeth, I test
when I'm hypo.  More out of curiosity though.  And the number of times I've
delayed taking glucose (or anything) just to get that test in first is
really ridiculous (my excuse is that at that time your brain is addled).
And of course that's when you stuff the test up and it comes up with an
error message.

And like Di, at the times I've been in the low 1's, sometimes you're doing
just fine, other times the effort is just about too much.  And also like Di,
I have that variability in the high 3's.


> I don't think I've ever tested lower than that, but that's because I don't
> usually bother testing when I'm very low. it amazes me though that
> sometimes you can carry on when you're really low, and not feel too bad,
> and sometimes you can't move when your BG is only just under 4. I
> know it's
> not that weird, because your body's reaction depends on all kinds of
> things,  but it still surprises me.
> Di
 and I decided to test. I have a >policy of testing when I
> think I'm low so I can track exactly how many >hypos I have.  And the
> answer was ... 1.3!  >Out of curiosity, has anyone had a hypo at a lower
> recorded level where >they still managed to keep going? >
> >elizabeth
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