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Re: [IPk] A question for you DPhils and PhDs, and continuous glucose sensor

I guess I qualify for this one!  I have a PhD in Medical Physics and
have a job which combines clinical support and research roles, working
in Nuclear Medicine.

Like others, I also find that my mental state affects my blood glucose,
but not in totally predictable ways.
In general frustration raises my blood sugar, and the excitement and
'high' which comes to me with a breakthrough in understanding makes me
feel very 'active' (whether or not I actually get up from my chair,
although typically I will rush to get output from the printer along the
corridor, to check on 150 other projects etc etc), makes me feel as if
all my thoughts are flowing more freely, and almost always, lowers my
blood sugar, and often keeps it low with very conservative boluses of
insulin, even when I eat carbs - it's as if temporarily my body behaves
like a model DM patient, only to relapse at some later stage (hours or
sometimes only several days later - cannot predict that one at all)
into its normal irregular behaviour.

Concerning research, I have recently been a guinea pig for a continuous
glucose sensor - very much a guinea pig since my husband (a medical
statistician)has been asked to look at the way they do the calibrations
to get the results out of the machine at the end of the 3 days. 
Between  the ideas of my husband, and now also the input of the
endocrinologist, as well as my own insatiable curiousity, I am to do a
second test, and have been persuaded that for the next test, which is
to be next week, I will wear not one but two of the sensors, to see how
they agree with one another.  Not quite sure where the two sensors, as
well as the pump will all fit, but guess I will deal with it - it's
only 3 days.  And it's quite fun being a guinea pig if you get to play
with the data afterwards - they gave me not only the printout but also
the data files (though these did tend to make me more sceptical about
those nice printed graphs). 
Has anyone else done any critical looks at what comes out of a
continuous glucose sensor??  I'd be interested to hear.


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