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Re: [IPk] A question for you DPhils and PhDs

Sorry I have neither a DPhil nor a PhD, but may I join in?

>My brain
>is usually working overtime at this point, but instead of the expected
>high BG from the adrenalin rush, the opposite happens and I tend to go
>low. I don't know why.

I've heard it said that when the brain is working very hard, it does indeed
consume more glucose. (The brain is unusual in consuming glucose without
needing insulin.) Whether it consumes a significant amount of glucose, I've
no idea :-)

But trying to predict this while, say, sitting an exam, is probably
impossible, since you have conflicting things going on: nerves make funny
things happen, you are unusually inactive making the bg higher, while
burning energy in the brain makes in lower. Who can say which way it would


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