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[IPk] nasty nasty hypo

I had a very unpleasant experience on Friday which has left me quite
shaken. I decided to walk part of the way home after work and left with a
BG of 7.2 and the tail end of a square wave bolus working in my system. I
truned my pump down to .1 for an hour and decided I didn't need to eat
anything. About fifteen minutes later I knew I was in a bit of trouble and
... I had no sweets (or so I thought), and I definitely didn't have any
money. I pushed on toward the bank machine and said to myself, I'll get
some money, and I'll get the paper and a sandwich, which would be a bit of
a treat. Got to the bank machine, at 4.30 on a Friday afternoon, and the
bloody thing is empty!  At this stage I dug for my beaded purse (like the
one you had when you were four), because i thought I might have 20p in it
to get something, and discovered a full pack of tabs. My legs got quite
rubbery while I was on my second one, and I decided to test. I have a
policy of testing when I think I'm low so I can track exactly how many
hypos I have.  And the answer was ... 1.3! It's amazing how well rubbery
legs work. I finished an entire pack of tabs in record time.

As you may imagine, I was completely wiped, and I'm not sure I've recovered
yet. I forgot to take rescue remedy for it, but I did take three doses of
aconite 30, which seemed to help. So did the big bowl of pasta I had for my
tea, to staunch the massive starch craving I got!

This was one of my top 3 worst hypos ever. At least it's reminded me that I
should always have some sort of sugar with me, and that it's better to err
on the side of caution andeat.  I was very unimpressed with myself,
especially as things had finally started to click last week. So I'm
starting again today on the good diet - I indulged my starch fancies over
the weekend.

Out of curiosity, has anyone had a hypo at a lower recorded level where
they still managed to keep going?

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