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[IPk] A question for you DPhils and PhDs

Since an awful lot of pumpers seem to be doctors (or research students)
I thought I would ask and see if my experience has been shared by
others, or whether it's just coincidence.  Particularly, I'd like to
know if it's going to happen again!

OK, in November I got stuck in writing my thesis.  Incidentals were that
I was reading Bourdieu, who I loathe, had had food poisoning two weeks
before, and there was a brewing crisis at the Area Museum Council into
which I was being dragged, despite not having time to do anything about
it.  I went to Yorkshire for a weekend with friends, did an unusually
large amount of exercise (and went nicely hypo as a consequence).

Then on the Monday saw my supervisor and had the most _awful_
supervision session with her (not her fault - she had no idea that I
would come in and spend an hour muttering at the floor).  Anyway, she
send me a nice email afterwards and suggested _again_ that I look at
functionalism and suddenly it just clicked, and I understood what she's
been saying for six months. I found this an incredibly exciting,
thrilling experience, seeing the whole structure swing into place, and
all kinds of things dropping into place with satisfying thunks. 

Those of you who are doctors of education, may recognise a classic
description of Darwin's state of confusion immediately prior to
reflexive learning.  But I raise it here because of what was happening
to my blood glucose levels during this period and afterwards.  It seems
that about the time I _finally_ understood my entire insulin needs
shifted.  I am running higher because I don't have time to work them out
(and guess that when I'm on the pump it will be easier to do this, as I
find long-acting insulins unpredictable).

So ... those of you who have had similar learning experiences - did it
affect your diabetes? 

Best wishes to all,
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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