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Re: [IPk] Raising your basal rate for illness

>When I was going to bed, I could feel a sore throat and cold coming on. I
>do not need that right now. Whenever I have a cold, I need more insulin and
>I get the impression that if I keep my blood sugars normal when I have a
>cold, it clears up much faster.
>You can't win can you? What should I have done? Waited till I woke with a
>v. high bg and nasty sore throat before doing anything?
>Good news is that my sore throat has disappeared though!

Hi John
Perhaps you didn't really have a cold coming on at all?
Sometimes I'm convinced I'm getting a cold and sore throat - have all the
symptoms of it appearing - and then I wake up the next morning and I'm fine.
I tend not to take pre-emptive strikes like that because I can't always
tell if when I start feeling ill it's going to turn into something or not,
but then it's not as problematic for me to be ill,  because my work 
doesn't generally depend on it as yours does.
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