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[IPk] Raising your basal rate for illness

I made a false move last night...

When I was going to bed, I could feel a sore throat and cold coming on. I
do not need that right now. Whenever I have a cold, I need more insulin and
I get the impression that if I keep my blood sugars normal when I have a
cold, it clears up much faster.

So what did I do? I preemptively raised my overnight basal rate from 0.7 to
0.9. That's not a massive ammount: between midnight and 7am it would be an
extra 1.4 units.

And what happened? I woke with a hypo and feeling as if I had been hypo for
most of the night... my waking bg of 3.0 has subsequently rebounded to
14.7, and I'm showing urine ketones in the "small" range. This rather
suggests I had been very hypo, and this is despite having raised my daytime
basal to combat the hypo rebound.

You can't win can you? What should I have done? Waited till I woke with a
v. high bg and nasty sore throat before doing anything?

Good news is that my sore throat has disappeared though!


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