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Re: [IPk] longterm illness book

Hi Abigail -

It used to be the NHS was much better across the board on funding than the
Irish system, the General Medical Services (GMS). It still is in some
cases: for example, the UK dental programme is much more comprehensive. But
the RoI certainly outstrips the UK on diabetes care. When I had a medical
card, the only thing I had to pay for was batteries, and swabs: on
injections I didn't have to pay for anything. I don't qualify for a medical
card anymore, so now all I have to pay for is batteries (that's just
typical, isn't it: make the poorer people pay for more things. At least
swabs are cheap!). Additionally, last year the MInister for Health made
cholesterol medications free for people with diabetes, so there is,
perhaps, a more comprehensive approach being developed around diabetes.

Perhaps if they ever do bother hiring those 2,000 consultants they keep
talking about, you'd like to apply for a job here!

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