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Re: [IPk] Minimed batteries

Diana is absolutely right. It is difficult to see why there should be such a
discrepancy between batteries which are nominally of the same specification.
With regard to the VARTA batteries these worked well for about three years.
I presume there must have been some change in their manufacture but all of a
sudden they became unreliable, and while generally better than most others
on the market still were not as reliable as we would like them, so we ceased
to supply those in the UK. The Minimed batteries are manufactured by
EverReady, which are no longer generally availble in the UK. Hence we now
stress the importance of using the Minimed batteries. The good news is that
generally these are priced no higher than you would pay for the so called
equivalents you will find in the shop.

For the techies the only factor we can find is in the discharge
characteristices of the batteries. With the Minimed batteries we can get a
low power indication about 1 to 3 days before the batteries finally give up.
With most others the power collapses suddenly without sufficient time to
allow the alarm functions to indicate this.

So there are good reasons now to stick with the manufacturers batteries,
though we will keep our eye out in the UK for any generally available that
can be used in emergencies.

Happy new year to you all

Ray Morrissey
Applied Medical Technology Ltd

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Subject: [IPk] Minimed batteries

> Here's a word of warning about pump batteries - at least for the Minimed
> ones.
> Don't get anything except the MInimed supplied batteries, because it's
> unlikely they'll last anything like as long.
> For some reason the ones I was given by the clinic were Varta ones, and
> they lasted between 4 - 10 days, whereas the Minimed ones normally last me
> 2 months! And then to make matters worse, I ran out over Christmas and
> couldn't get any more. I was on my last set of batteries well after the lo
> battery sign had come up, and the clinic was closed, so I spent a whole
> morning hunting around the shops in Sheffield to find some more.
> obvious i tried claimed they didn't have them or had sold out. Finally i
> went to a jewellers, where I was sold 3 Sony batteries for the exorbitant
> price of 6 pounds per battery. I asked why they were so expensive, and
> said they were super duper ones and guaranteed for a year. Well, they
> lasted all of 5 days! I have a feeling though that if I take them back and
> complain they didn't last a year, they'll tell me they were only
> in watches, or something. But that's really outrageous. Anyway, the good
> news is I went to the clinic this morning and they gave me some proper
> Minimed batteries. They said that Minimed had sent them the Varta ones
> time, and other people had complained about them not lasting very long.
> it sounds a bit odd that Minimed (or rather, AMT) would have sent Varta
> ones instead of Minimed ones. I guess that's an expensive lesson never
> to trust non-Minimed batteries and to make sure I have plenty of spare
> Di
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