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Re: [IPk] Minimed batteries

On Thu, 04 Jan 2001, you wrote:
>What brand are your batteries? Do they come labelled 'Minimed'?  My chemist
>orders my batteries from Accuscience (the Minimed supplier), but they're
>Energizer batteries, and a box costs ... 5 punts for 10.  

Aha. mystery solved. They come in a Minimed packet, labelled " Minimed
Disposable Power Kit" Model 104. You get a pack of 9 batteries with an
infusion set tubing clamp thrown in for good measure. But, I've just looked
at the actual batteries themselves with a magnifier, and realised they are
indeed Energizer 357.  That explains everything.

>I had a look at the maplins website, who stock Maxell SR44W for 2.544 inc.
>VAT, per battery as far as I can see. 

I have actually used these ones from Maplins before, and they too lasted a

 Perhaps the Vanta batteries weren't
>high drain batteries.  Apparently there's a couple types of silver oxide
>batteries, and high drain are for things like clocks with alarms and back
>lights. My Energizer batteries are high drain. So when you go looking for
>batteries in the shops, you should probably a) ask for high drain, and b)
>go to an electronics supplier.

Aha. I tried the electronics suppliers, but the only one I could find in
Sheffield city centre didn't have any left.
I didn't know about the high drain thing though. That's worth knowing.
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