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Re: [IPk] Minimed batteries

>Errr.... really? I use standard "357" EverReady Energizer batteries. I also
>get about 2 months from them. Never had any trouble. 

OK - I've tried various makes of batteries and I've had the same trouble
with all of them except the Minimed ones. BUT I've never used the EverReady
357, because I've never been able to get hold of them anywhere. So they may
be the exception. I was very surprised about the Sony ones though. The
jewellers I went to said they sold loads of those batteries, so I don't
think they'd been sitting around that long.

 >But I get my
kit under >the German system, and what they do here - cunningly - is to put
12 >batteries inside each box of MiniMed 3ml reservoirs. I don't think that
is >done in the UK - whether for legal reasons, or what, I don't know.

No, they don't do that here. Or at least, if they do, the clinic takes them
out of the box before they give them to me!

 > My
guess >is that most energy is used up physically forcing the insulin out of
the >pump, so your battery usage will be linked to your insulin usage,
which in >turn is linked to your reservoir usage. 

Hmm, there's not much direct correspondence between my reservoir usage and
my insulin usage, because I use my reservoirs more than once, and I can
never remember how many times I've reused a reservoir, so I change my
reservoir rather randomly. I know, I shouldn't, but I've never had any
problem yet. And I change it way before the markings on it start to fade
(not that I actually look at the markings on it).

Apparently if you use the backlight or remote control, they both use up a
lot of extra battery. Probably the vibrate mode too. So I'm not sure your
theory really holds :-)

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