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Re: [IPk] Minimed batteries

>Here's a word of warning about pump batteries - at least for the Minimed
>Don't get anything except the MInimed supplied batteries, because it's
>unlikely they'll last anything like as long.

Errr.... really? I use standard "357" EverReady Energizer batteries. I also
get about 2 months from them. Never had any trouble. But I get my kit under
the German system, and what they do here - cunningly - is to put 12
batteries inside each box of MiniMed 3ml reservoirs. I don't think that is
done in the UK - whether for legal reasons, or what, I don't know. My guess
is that most energy is used up physically forcing the insulin out of the
pump, so your battery usage will be linked to your insulin usage, which in
turn is linked to your reservoir usage.

A deaf friend of mine, who uses a hearing aid, told me that it is well
known that when the air is damp, electricity leaks from these small
batteries much faster than when the air is dry.  I wonder if anyone's
noticed this with the recent dampness in the British weather ;-) Some claim
that storing batteries in the fridge makes them last longer - but this may
simply be that the cold air in the fridge is very dry.

But batteries do have a limited shelf life, and when I buy batteries I
always get them from a super-store or petrol garage shop that is likely to
have a rapid turnover of stock. I once had to buy a replacement backup
battery for my Psion pocket computer when I was in Wexford, Ireland. The
only place that had one was a small jewellers. The man was very sweet, and
found one in a dusty drawer. It lasted 2 weeks!


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