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Re: [IPk] for your amusement and/or anger

On Wed, 03 Jan 2001, you wrote:
>I had to fill out an insurance company form last night - the famous
>'diabetic' questionairre. They hadn't specified whether it was on insulin,
>OHAs, or D&E, which I thought was unfair seeing as I had been left with the
>responsibility for it.  But, seeing as they also asked me how frequently I
>tested my urine and whether I had ever had a blood sugar profile done, I
>don't expect anyone in Hibernian actually knows anything about diabetes!
>And these people think they can accurately judge my risk and mortality for
>insurance purposes?  Bullshit! They also asked how much insulin you use per
>day, based on the marks on your _syringe_.  Everyone in Ireland uses pens,
>because they're available on the long term illness book for free.

Hi Elizabeth
I remember filling out car insurance forms 10 years ago, and the only
question they asked was "how many units of insulin do you take a day". Not
even whether you tested or not, or if you ever had hypos.
If you took over 50 units a day, you were considered high risk. Why? 
Noone could ever tell me that.  If you took less than 50, they weren't
worried. It was the same with several other companies too. 
Ridiculous really.
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