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[IPk] Thoughts re. Dahedi

Thanks for the answers. 

>> Q1 - (Availability of U40 insulin)
> U100 can easily be diluted with saline, 
> .... I cannot believe there is not some form of liquid that
> could be used, after all it must have a base liquid. 
The idea behind my question was to collect some good reasons for exchanging the pump before I get landed with it for 4+ years. I really don't want to have to dilute insulin (and every doctor would be very wary of recommending that a patient does this if there is another way) so this gives me a good argument for exchanging the U40 insulin pump - thanks.

>> Q2 - (Features not supported by the Dahedi)
> The change in basal rate can be very useful, 
Yes I can imagine it is useful. The Dahedi does have the possibility to switch to a single constant rate, but you are then responsible for remembering to switch the programmed basal rates back on (something I -know- I will forget). And this is not the same as reducing basal rates in % anyway, if you have multiple basal rates. 

>> Q3 - ... The school argues that using Humalog with
>>a pump brings a higher risk of ketoacidosis due to the high absorption
> ..I do not understand the reasoning behind the theory. 
Humalog gets absorbed about 2* quicker than ActRapid, so if the pump fails/blocks then the unabsorbed 'buffer' of insulin in your subcutaneous layer is gone 2* faster with Humalog, leading to a faster development of ketones due to lack of insulin.

>If Disetronic have taken Dahedi over I would not be surprised 
> if before long they either offer to replace the
> Dahedi or offer a Disetronic at a much reduced rate.
The diabetic advisor here said she thought that Disetronic was thinking of creating a pump with the features of the HTRON+ and the smaller size of the Dahedi. When and if this comes true we have to wait see.

I'm becoming more certain that I should request at 
least a trial of the alternative pumps (something I thought I was going to get 
at the school anyway). The diabetic advisor here is very much "on my side" - 
it seems to be just the chief doctor who needs pursuading, I'll let you know how I 
get on. 

BTW I go home tomorrow :o)

My night time BSs are a dream come true - last night I sailed along between 4.9 and 6.5 mmol/L. I'm looking forward to trying this out in real life!

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