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Re: [IPk] pump costs

Hi Rosemary

In the UK, pump prices are within the range 1300 to 2300 and can be
expected to provide an average lifetime expectancy of about 7 years. (These
pumps have a comprehensive 4 year warranty). This gives rise to an annual
cost in the region of 185 to 329.

To maintain the operation of the pump, the following addition supplies are

Infusion Sets: The average cost of an Infusion Set is 5.13 with a
recommended site duration of about 3 days which gives an average daily cost
of 1.71.

Batteries: average battery life is about 6 weeks at a average cost of  0.16
per day.

Cartidge: The Cartridge/Syringe reservoir has a capacity of around 300 units
of insulin, which can be expected to last about 6 days at an average cost of
0.26 per day, estimating a daily insulin usage of 42 units

The average cost of consumables is, therefore, 2.13 per day or 777 per
year. However, we would normally advise to budget for around 800 per year.

Together with the cost of the pump, this gives an approximate annual cost of
962 to 1129 depending upon pump selection.

These cost have been calculated by averaging the published price lists of
both Disetronic and MiniMed/AMT.

To offset against these costs, there is frequently a reduction in insulin
requirements in the region of  20% to 40% of MDI levels. At The Royal
Bournemouth Hospital they have calculated a saving of 5 per patient per

Hope this helps

John Davis

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