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Re: [IPk] Tenders / silhouettes

>Jeremy ,
>Good point and absolutely correct .
>Tenders or silhouettes as Minimed call them [ same product sold under 2
>names ] are made by a Danish company who are very concerned about
>issues. [ disposal of materials etc ] They do manufacture sets containing
>10 needles and
>5 tubes so that you can use 1 tube for longer .
>This saves you some money and creates less rubbish .

The boxes of Tender I get in Germay is a "mixed" box, that has 10 Tenders
without tubing, and 10 Tenders with tubing. So I use whichever I need. I
often end up with some spare tubing, but not that much really.

The Rapid D's which I tried (that's a Rapid with a disconnection[1]), the
tubing comes in an entirely different box from the needle itself, which
means there's no wastage at all.

I did once use the same (Tender) tubing for 2 weeks, and I noticed that the
tough outer rubber of the tube split near up at the pump end. Luckily the
inner tubing didn't split, but it was a close thing. The moral for me was
that I shouldn't push my luck with the tubing! I now change it everytime I
refill the cartridge, which is about once a week.


[1] As far as I know, the Rapid D's are not yet available in Britain.

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