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[IPk] Dahedi

>I couldn't believe I was one of at three members of the UK pumpers group (2
>of us new) who lives in Germany.

With you, and Carolyn, that makes 3 of us here who are British, but are
living temporarily in Germay, and getting pumps paid for by the German
health service :-)

>Q1 - The clinic here recommends and makes available only one pump for the
>school, the Dahedi 25E40. This takes U40 insulin. If I move back to the UK
>how easy will it be to get U40 insulin?

If you are on Humalog, with some difficulty. I'm not sure they make it at
that strength - and it can't be watered down as it is rather sensitive to
the preservative concentration etc. U40 Actrapid is probably available.

>Q2 - The Dahedi 25E40 does not allow you to cancel a bolus once you've
>pressed the button, and does not allow you to lower the basel rate a given
>percentage. How useful are these things in real life? (I think the H Tron
>plus has these features)

Not sure about cancelling a bolus. I've never done it. I would probably
disconnect my infusion set rapidly if I had really mucked up a bolus.
However, the ability to change the basal rate temporarily is useful in my

>Q3 - I have been using Humalog (Lispro) as my short-acting insulin for the
>last 2 years with great success. The school argues that using Humalog with
>a pump brings a higher risk of ketoacidosis due to the high absorption
>rate, which seems to make sense. What experience have people had with
>Humalog and a pump?

I love it. Yes, in theory there is a raised risk of DKA. But in practice it
is not significant. Most people now use Humalog in the pump I believe. It's
the natural partner, since you can bolus with each plate of food, rather
than guessing 30 minutes before a meal what you are going to eat, and then
eating to match the insulin you have taken. You lose the spontaneous
flexibility of pumping.

I have a German friend who went on a pump, and like you he was already
using Humalog. But they made him use normal insulin. He hated it. He had
lost that immediate response you get with Humalog. Once he had "proven"
that he could use a pump, they let him go back to Humalog...

I suggest you insist on looking at the Minimed 508 and Disetronic
HTRON+V100 pumps. If your clinic won't allow this, get transferred to one
that will! :-) There's a good summary of all pumps at
http://diabetesnet.com/insulinpumps.html Disetronic "bought" the Dahedi
pump last year from another company, but since then have not been saying
much about it. Anyone know anything more?


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