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[IPk] Disetronic Tenders

I do not know what others think but I have always (since I found out)
wondered why it is not possible to purchase tubes and 'tenders' seperately,
(perhaps this is only true in the UK) as they are not connected.
My reason for the query is that they would be much more convenient if they
were offered both as complete sets and seperately. Given that Humalog is
becoming more and more the recommended insulin for pumps and it is a lot
less 'sticky' (apologies I cannot remember the correct medical term) than
other insulins it makes the (acceptable) useable life of the tubes longer.
Accidents can always happen and a tube may be split after having only just
been connected (a spouse may attack you with some scissors and cut the tube)
or more likely the actual Tender may become blocked or comes unstuck (which
can happen), while the tube remains without fault. In any case wherever
something goes wrong to one part of the set it leaves one with the only
option of two Tenders to one tube.
The advantages (I see) to them being available seperately is that it could
reduce the cost of using them (if one chose to use one tube to three Tenders
etc or if somebody wished to change the injection site every day they would
not be forced to purchase an unneeded tube) and given what people say about
the nanny state it would offer greater choice to the individual.
I note that whenever a blockage has occurred, to myself, it has not been
within the tube. Given possible reductions in cost (admittadly small) it
might make it a little easier to get support from health authorities - I
don't need to be told that the likelyhood of this is less than of winning
the lottery.
Best wishes to all,

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