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[IPk] Re. Infusion sets & records

Relating to emails regarding infusion sets. I do not agree that wearing 
them longer than the recommended period presents any more problems than 
using a pen needle longer than recommended. After 19 years with a pump I 
have usually worn the infusion sets longer than recommended (the catheter 
rather than infusion tube) and have not had any problems beyond occassional 
blockages, at which times I have done the change. Very much more serious 
problems were encountered with 'normal' injections with old insulins (lumps 
or loss of muscle).
Re. records I have always written down what I have done when doing so and 
have such records going back to the mid 70s, when only urine tests were 
possible. I found computer programming sheets were ideal (from the days 
when when programs had to written and then niput via punch cards). After 
they ran out I created forms to suit myself, using an Amstrad 
wordprocessor. I find it very much more simple to work out what to do from 
such forms, than using computer programs, written by somebody else. I 
highlight the ranges each blood-sugar is  in with a transparent colouring 
pen. By so doing it is very easy to see from the other side of the room if 
things are going astray. On the form I also have a row at the top to 
indicate when I change the pump (infusion set).
But I am sure in the computer world of today people prefer to put things 
into computers. In general I think most people having been on a pump for 
more than a year or so know within themselves when something needs 
changing. If people start worrying too much about what they have done, re. 
the pump they are losing one of the benefits of the pump - the ability it 
gives to live a life without being ruled by diabetes.
But these are simply my thoughts.


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