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Re: [IPk] Moving to London

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From: Ian Grant <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Friday, 28 January, 2000 16:08
Subject: [IPk] Moving to London

> Hi,
> I am moving back to London after 6 years in Scotland where I was the only
> pump patient at both Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and at the Aberdeen
> Unit. I got my pump at the Peter Bishop Metabolic Ward, Guy's Hospital in
> 1981. However I
> gather Guy's no longer do pumps so can anyone recommend a London clinic
> is sympathetic to us pumpers?
> Thanks
> Ian Grant
Hi Ian,
We may have met (or been in the same place at same time), I started on the
pump at Guy's in 1981. While Guy's are no longer actively involved with
pumps, no one there (consultant) dare show any hostility to pumps as Harry
Keen is still resident and involved, although retired. I have been going to
Guy's ever since then and still am. Obviously I cannot speak for other
London hospitals but I do not know of any that are 'pro' pumps and would not
rule Guy's out. You might get a more knowledgable response from Guy's than
anywhere else. The other thing is that with the hospital trusts Guy's might
be the only one that would take you (outside your local trust area), a
letter to Harry Keen would secure your place.
I note that he has offered to get Guy's to pay for my equipment (he gave me
the Disetronic I am now using).
Best wishes,

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