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Hi Rosie

I too live in Twyford, Reading and am under Dr Simpson at the Royal Berks 
hospital.  I have been on a minimed insulin pump for 4 years and it has 
changed my life and stabilised my control.  I came back from USA  alreadiy on 
the pump four years ago and went to see Dr Simpson, he told me then that I 
should come off of the pump and go back to injections,  after this I said 
that I would stay on the pump and never return to injections.  I wrote to the 
hospital head and the health authority asking for funding for the supplies 
and Dr Simpson helped me, after a few weeks he came back saying that they 
would pay for my supplies.  He and his staff are all trained in pump use and 
support me fully, and help with any minor problems that may arise.  He is not 
against the use of pumps but I believe there is no funding from the Berks for 
anybody else so he doesn't encourage patients to use the pump.  Another man 
at the Berks went against Simpsons advice of not getting a pump, bought his 
own and pays for the supplies and Dr Simpson supports him medically but they 
pay for nothing.  You may get a negative reaction when you speak to him, 
especially if he thinks they have to pay for it, as you know the NHS is not 
well funded.  Please don't take this with you to show him!!! 

It has made my life far more flexible, not having to inject 4 times a day, 
eating when or if I wish to, having a stable input of insulin through the day 
at a basic rate, instead of having the peaks in the long acting insulin as 
before, feeling alot healthier and having normal hba1c.  I too have 2 
children, one 5 and one 9 and when you are running around after school, 
picking up, dropping off, children around to play, etc. I found it 
considerably easier with a pump than 4 injections a day.  Not having to worry 
about when I had to eat or if I had remembered to take my injection stuff 
with me etc.

It definitely helps control your diabetes if used properly, and it also adds  
a greater normality  and easiness to your life.

Any more questions, please ask away.

Christine Gordon
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