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Re: [IPk] Infusion Sets

Hi John

Everything is being noted & recorded and I am certainly looking for trends, 
as I know the basal rates need to be fine tuned - particularly the early 
morning ones.

I have been thinking about switching from the Esprit meter back to the 
Lifescan Profile, as that will allow you to record carbs and bolus's and 
download that into the software.  The only disadvantage is the size of the 
blood sample it requires, as my fingers have been taking a hammering recently.

On changing the infusion sets, I have programmed my electronic calender to 
remind me.


>Hi Steven -
>As John suggests, probably a good idea to note everything down in your
>record book - at least to begin with. That way, over the next 6 months you
>can look back and see if there are any trends - bg's rising on the 3rd day,
>that sort of thing. I can just see you taking your kitchen calendar into
>the hospital to discuss your results! :-) It's generally reckoned that the
>more detailed the records you keep, the better the control you get - and
>ultimately enjoy greater flexibility of life as well. Although pumping
>isn't entirely cause-and-effect, there are very often reasons for things,
>which you can more easily pin down and repond to if you have the records.
>This isn't meant as a lecture on record keeping! - just me airing some
>thoughts :-)
>Regarding set changes, I find I need to change every 2 days, otherwise I
>get a mark on the skin. So if I didn't change yesterday, I must change
>today. That pretty much lies within my short-term memory.
>And changing the cartridge: it depends on what infusion set you are using.
>If you use the Tender/Silhouette, which disconnects at the skin, changing
>the tubing and cartridge can be a separate activity from changing the
>infusion set.
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