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RE: [IPk] Result !!!

congratulations carol - the pump has helped but you have done all the
hard work!:)

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> From:	David Lincoln [SMTP:email @ redacted]
> Sent:	28 January 2000 13:37
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> Subject:	[IPk] Result !!!
> Hi All , 
> I've had my first HBA1c since starting on the pump back in November -
> It was a stunning 6.3 !!!!! Before the pump it was 9.4.What a result !
>  Not only that, but I think I must be living on another planet because
> I told my consultant that I wanted to use the pump after the trial at
> Harrogate and he said yes .I jokingly suggested that he give it to
> other people and he said that he was looking in to getting a trial for
> pregnant women .I then spoke to my diabetes nurse and dietician,both
> had only heard good things about pumps and were shocked to hear of
> consultants refusing to put patients on them ..My god there is hope
> out there .
> I also approached the local health authority about funding, I know its
> a bit previous but lets face it ,these things take time .They stunned
> me by offering me tons of cash - only joking .They were helpful and
> gave me advise about who to contact , who to write letters to ( My
> trust is becoming a Primary Care Trust in April) and then proceeded to
> tell me if I came up against a brick wall to contact them again .Can
> someone reassure me that Grimsby is really is in England let alone on
> this planet.???
> Stay well
> Carol
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