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[IPk] Result !!!

Hi All ,
I've had my first HBA1c since starting on the pump back in November - It was a stunning 6.3 !!!!! Before the pump it was 9.4.What a result !
 Not only that, but I think I must be living on another planet because I told my consultant that I wanted to use the pump after the trial at Harrogate and he said yes .I jokingly suggested that he give it to other people and he said that he was looking in to getting a trial for pregnant women .I then spoke to my diabetes nurse and dietician,both had only heard good things about pumps and were shocked to hear of consultants refusing to put patients on them ..My god there is hope out there .
I also approached the local health authority about funding, I know its a bit previous but lets face it ,these things take time .They stunned me by offering me tons of cash - only joking .They were helpful and gave me advise about who to contact , who to write letters to ( My trust is becoming a Primary Care Trust in April) and then proceeded to tell me if I came up against a brick wall to contact them again .Can someone reassure me that Grimsby is really is in England let alone on this planet.???
Stay well