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[IPk] Record keeping

John (Davis) -

If you have designed your own GlucoLog, would you like to let others see
how you have organised it? If you've got it as a computer document that can
be printed out, I could "publish" it on the new Insulin Pumpers UK website
(http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk). There are some other designs of
pumpers record sheets available on the US Insulin Pumpers website at

Send it to me privately  if you want. (Please don't send it direct to the
list, as the archiving methods we use behind the scenes will make mincemeat
of it!!!) If anyone else has there own design of record sheet that they'd
like to share, likewise please send them to me.

If anyone is interested, or just nosey, I've got my own results on my
private website at http://www.webshowcase.net/diabetes/archive I originally
put them there so various doctors I've had contact with can see how I'm
getting on. These pages were automatically generated with some software I
put together (using MacPerl) which downloads the resulsts from my meter,
draws the graphs and publishes them. If anyone here uses a Bayer Esprit/Dex
and has an Apple Mac, I can let you have a copy of the software. At the
moment it won't run on a PC. That's another project :-)

Before anyone starts tut-tutting, yes, I know. My control this last month
has not been perfect. My wife is in the last month of pregnancy, so we're
living in hormone hell. And this flu has been doing funny things as well...


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