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Re: [IPk] Infusion Sets

>When I change an Infusion Set I always mark it on my Glucolog, (I have
>designed my own). I note down the time, which type of Set and also if I
>change the cartridge.
>It's also important to make sure that the change of Set coincides with a
>change of cartridge. Sometimes you will have to exceed the recommended site
>duration to do this, but only for a day. This the only time I will exceed
>site duratioin times.

Hi Steven -

As John suggests, probably a good idea to note everything down in your
record book - at least to begin with. That way, over the next 6 months you
can look back and see if there are any trends - bg's rising on the 3rd day,
that sort of thing. I can just see you taking your kitchen calendar into
the hospital to discuss your results! :-) It's generally reckoned that the
more detailed the records you keep, the better the control you get - and
ultimately enjoy greater flexibility of life as well. Although pumping
isn't entirely cause-and-effect, there are very often reasons for things,
which you can more easily pin down and repond to if you have the records.
This isn't meant as a lecture on record keeping! - just me airing some
thoughts :-)

Regarding set changes, I find I need to change every 2 days, otherwise I
get a mark on the skin. So if I didn't change yesterday, I must change
today. That pretty much lies within my short-term memory.

And changing the cartridge: it depends on what infusion set you are using.
If you use the Tender/Silhouette, which disconnects at the skin, changing
the tubing and cartridge can be a separate activity from changing the
infusion set.


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